Our Story


Ultrasound Solutions Inc. was established in 2006 as a mobile ultrasound company, providing in-office ultrasound services to physicians in Arizona and Southern California.

Physicians and patients alike embraced our service. But sadly, we discovered the business of healthcare had little to do with prevention, which is our passion.

Unfortunately, the healthcare system has never been designed to prevent, but rather to treat after the symptoms have presented themselves, often to late. By using advanced ultrasound technology to screen for things like stones, aneurysms, vascular and organ disease, nodules, cysts, and masses, we hope to get you involved in your own healthcare.

The goal of your first screening with us will be to establish a baseline of your current health. Subsequent annual screenings will allow you to take control of your health by knowing when there is a change, ideally before symptoms present themselves.


Our Mission


Our mission is to bring the highest quality service to our clients by using the latest technology and the most highly skilled professionals in the business.  We want our patients & physicians alike to feel confident in the results we provide when they use ultrasound as a diagnostic tool.

We are always hopeful that our service can be effectively used to locate and identify pathology that will assist the ordering physician with clinical management decisions.

Ultimately, our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction from each and every client while providing a service to your patient that is second to none.


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